Community Involvement

Through its relationships, commitments and activities, Trajet seeks to promote and increase knowledge about alternative justice as a mode of conflict resolution and to expand the opportunities for youth under the YCJA.

Community Involvement

From the very beginning, Trajet has forged links with actors in the Montreal community and, more largely, at the provincial level. Its involvements have increased over the years, creating an ever-denser and wider network of partners. Several Youth Alternative Justice workers from Trajet sit on regional or provincial committees with other alternative justice organizations, Youth Centres, and socio-judicial representatives, take part in neighbourhood forumsor respond to requests for one-off collaborations.

Students and Professionals

Every year, Trajet welcomes several college and university students for short and long-term internships, which may be observatory or participatory.
We also occasionally host Quebecois or foreign (particularly European) professionals from the fields of law or mediation. These professionals come to Trajet to observe the Canadian and Quebecois judicial systems and the alternative practices developing alongside them.

Citizen Mediation and Peer Mediation

In recent years, a number of collaborations and commitments have resulted from the establishment of our citizen and peer mediation services Trajet’s mediators are asked to sit on committees with several of our partners. Our citizen mediation service could not exist without our volunteer mediators.


This list would not be complete without mentioning the investments of organizations that accept youth for community service. Over the years, Trajet has developed solid partnerships with nearly 400 non-profit organizations in Montreal. Their involvement gives young offenders the chance to have a positive and rewarding experiencing. Without them, we simply could not exist.
Here are a few of our partners:
SNAC (Service de nutrition et d’action communautaire)
La Maison Benoît Labre
Centre A.S.P.A.
Pact de Rue
Le Cap St-Barnabé
Espace Temps
CPE Le Pitchounet
St-John Brebeuf Parish
CRCS St-Zotique
Santropol Roulant
Coup de pouce jeunesse Montréal-Nord
Dysphasie +
Oxy Jeunes
Interaction Famille Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
CIUSSS Jeanne Mance
CADE (Centre africain de développement et d’entraide)
Zoothérapie Québec
Maison de la famille de St-Michel
Centre communautaire Bon Courage de Place-Benoît
CHAPOP (Chantier d’apprentissage optimal)
ADAMA (Association de développement des arts martiaux adaptés)
Maison de quartier de Villeray
Le CHORRA (Centre humanitaire d’organisation de ressources et de référence d’Anjou)
Le Relais du bout
Mission Bon Accueil
Centre des Ainés de Villeray
Le CJE Centre-Nord
La Place des Enfants
Bureau de consultation jeunesse
La maison du partage d’Youville