Support For Parents

Your Adolescent has Committed an Offence

A Youth Alternative Justice (YAJ) worker from Trajet will contact you to set up a meeting with the goal of arranging your adolescent’s measure. Parental attendance is desired but not mandatory, and your absence will not affect how your child’s file is processed. Your YAJ worker will provide you with regular follow-up throughout the process.

Desired Parental Participation

  • Transmit messages and information to your child.
  • To know the commitments they must fulfill.
  • to encourage them to take responsibility for their reparative process.
  • In a general manner, we seek your support; by working together, we maximize the chances of achieving the goals of your child’s reparative measure.

Host Organizations

The supervisors that collaborate with Trajet care about the youth they work with and want to be involved with them. They will explain the job to them and guide them in their tasks. Throughout their community service, your adolescent’s supervisor at the host organization is the reference person for your adolescent.

Social Skill Development (SSD)

These meetings are facilitated by Youth Alternative Justice (YAJ) workers at Trajet. Your attendance is not required in group meetings, with the exception of the “Et si je m’arrêtais par moi-même?” program for youth between the ages of 12 and 13.