Citizen Mediation

Conflicts are a part of life.
We all experience conflicts at some point, but how we react makes all the difference. If you feel the need for external help, you can call on Trajet’s citizen mediation service.
Created in 2010, this free and confidential service is offered by volunteer mediators who have been trained by Trajet. It is intended for people who are struggling to deal with a conflict and who want to actively participate in finding a solution. These conflicts are varied in nature and include neighbour relations, cleanliness, noise problems, and verbal and physical altercations, among others.

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Montreal Citizen Mediation Service
Citizen Mediation – By Citizens, For Citizens

In choosing mediation, you give yourself the chance to re-establish dialogue with a neighbour, a brother, or a friend. Any conflict creates anxiety and stress and affects the quality of life of all parties. Mediation is the chance to quell these negative emotions and to live together better.

Mediation allows you to:

  • avoid recourse to the traditional legal system;
  • empower yourself to change the situation;
  • re-establish communication;
  • make each party’s point of view known;
  • become aware of new information about the other party, and vice versa, and to relieve anger;
  • establish each party’s responsibilities;
  • put a difficult situation behind you;
  • feel safer;
  • improve the relationship;
  • lessen the negative impacts of the event by reducing anxiety, regaining confidence in yourself, and improving your quality of life.

Mediation begins from the principle that those directly involved in a conflict are in the best position to find solutions to it.