Peer Mediation

Our peer mediation program is intended to train students in your school to act as mediators and peacemakers for their peers. Peer mediators are trained to intervene in school patrols and meetings, where the concerned parties are gathered to discuss a conflict and to find solutions that are constructive and satisfactory for all concerned

This project allows peer mediators to develop new skills and to play a positive role in their school.

Here are a few comments from students who have acted as mediators in their schools:

  • “I developed perseverance and open-mindedness.”
  • “I learned that we can have a positive influence on younger people.”
  • “It’s easier for me to communicate with others and to do group work.”
  • “I learned that there are conflicts that can be solved without using physical force.”
  • “I learned how to impartially intervene.”
  • “I am now able to resolve a conflict.”

“I learned how to communicate without attacking others, even in the worst situations.”